In this page several links are listed to start with the R&RStudio universe.
First you need to install some software:

Basics: RStudio education

Beginners may want to start with the most updated resources of R, like the tidyverse,
and then go into depth through references therein.

Shiny apps

From the very start of R towards Shiny web apps like a PRO

Advanced students

Those students already acquainted with data science might prefer to start from the reference book R 4 Data Science

Advanced R

The book Avdanced R ( provides an entertaining roadmap to some of the deeper
subtleties of the language and how to work with it most effectively.

R packages like a PRO

If you  might want to create and publish your own R package

R community

Read R bloggers at

R project for Statistical Computing
CRAN mirror in Milan

Documentation and tasks

Contributed documentation on basic R (several languages)
Task Views
R Journal


R-related books to read

Please look at

Writing your own book or report using R

Build your websites using R

R for Data Science at Coursera and projects