It is important that research data meet the FAIR principles

1 Data description
Metadata provision/reference standards: specify the metadata set that will be used to describe the data (for exemple Dublin Core)
Descrive protocols and standards used to structure the data so that other researchers can make an assessment and reproduce the dataset

2 Persistent identifiers
Use persistent identifiers (for example DOI). Submission to a public repository normally provides this (for example or

3 Naming convention used
Provide folder and file naming schemes and give an example for each scheme

4 Data security and quality
Provide information on the standards that will be used to ensure the integrity of the data and how they will be preserved and made accessible for the long term. Provide a link to the public repository in which data will reside for the short, middle and long term

5 Data Sharing
Provide information on how the data can be accessed, including the type of license under which they can be accessed and re-used
Specify and justify the timing of data sharing (for example immediately after data collection or at the end of the project)
If restrictions are applicable, describe the conditions for their accessibility