Although there might be differing requirements for data citation across disciplines, a general recommendation for data citation is:

Creators, Publication year, Title. Publisher. Identifier

Mattia Brambilla et al.. , 2022, Identifying climate refugia for high-elevation Alpine birds under current climate warming predictions, Wiley,

It may also be useful to include optional properties, version and resource type:
Creator (Publication year). Title. Version. Publisher. Resource type. Identifier

Data access statement
Many funders’ research data policies  now mandate the use of a data accessibility statement and many journals now include sections for this statement in article templates. 
It is recommended to include a data accessibility statement either in a section provided in the article template from your journal or as a sentence within the acknowledgements section:
The research data [supporting/ underpinning] this publication can be accessed at [DOI] [reference number]

The research data supporting this publication can be accessed at